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Suffering from Back Pain, Headaches, or Stiffness? Find the Best Chiropractor in Little Falls

If you’re suffering from chronic stiffness in your joints, frequent headaches or migraines, or severe back pain, it could be time to consider chiropractic treatment.  A well-trained and certified chiropractor may be able to provide relief and help you move toward a healthier state of overall wellness.  However, it’s essential to choose the best chiropractor in Little Falls, MN in order to make sure you receive proper treatment.

How do you choose the best chiropractor?  Find one who makes you feel comfortable and at ease and who is willing to work with your other healthcare providers to ensure that you get the treatment you need.

Your chiropractor should be:

* Experienced in Working with Patients Like You: Before scheduling an appointment with a new chiropractor, make sure he or she has treated patients with similar types of pain in the past.  There are all sorts of chiropractic treatment available, so it’s important to find someone who can effectively treat your issues.  Ask potential chiropractors what their specialties are and be sure to explain what problems you’ve experienced upfront.

* A Good Listener: When you’re telling a potential chiropractor about your pain, how does he or she respond?  You want to find someone who is a skilled and committed listener, so look for a chiropractor who asks questions about your experience and who seems interested in how the pain has affected your daily life.  The best chiropractor for you will take an active interest in helping you manage your pain and giving you the best treatment possible.

* Comfortable Working with Other Doctors and Healthcare Professionals: Chiropractic care may be a single part of your overall recovery plan, so be sure to find a chiropractor who works well with your other doctors and healthcare professionals.  Many patients have seen other doctors and therapists before turning to chiropractic care, and the chiropractor you see needs to be informed of your medical history.

* Fully Trained and Certified: To choose the best chiropractor, make sure he or she is fully trained and certified by an accredited school.  Your chiropractor should also be licensed by the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners (MBCE).

Dr. DeAnn Adams is licensed to practice in Minnesota by the MBCE and received her chiropractic credentials in 1998.  She has a Doctorate of Chiropractic Training in Diversified Chiropractic Technique from Northwestern College of Chiropractic.  Dr. D. is trained to treat patients in pain management, and has certificates in: CranioSacral Therapy, acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, and the Somato Emotional Release Technique.

When you choose Dr. D., you can feel confident in your decision to work with a certified, trained, and dedicated doctor who cares about improving your quality of life.  Dr. D. promotes “optimal health through balanced living,” and is committed to increasing function and relieving pain in all of her patients.  Contact her today at 320-632-6757 or email to learn more about the chiropractic care she can provide you.

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