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Find a Caring, Competent Chiropractor in Little Falls, MN

When it’s time to find a chiropractor in Little Falls, MN, you need to choose an experienced doctor who won’t rush you through your appointment.  Think of it this way: when you go to a dental appointment, your dentist takes his or her time carefully examining your teeth and making recommendations for your overall oral health.  Doesn’t the rest of your body deserve the same level of attention and specialized treatment?

Here are four essential qualities you should look for in a new chiropractor during your initial visit.

1. Takes His or Her Time Though a great chiropractor will always be conscious of your time, you should never be in and out the door in 5 minutes. Chiropractic care is complex and requires a thorough understanding of the symptoms you’re experiencing and how they are affecting your everyday life.  When your chiropractor examines you, he or she should take plenty of time to really understand what’s going on.  It’s very rare for a doctor to be able to accurately diagnose the problem in just a few moments, so be sure your chiropractor is performing a thoughtful and thorough examination.

2. Really Listens to You Chiropractic patients experience a wide range of pain and distressing symptoms—and even those patients who have the same symptoms may use different words to describe what they’re going through.  That’s why it’s so important for your chiropractor to really listen to you.  It’s all too easy for a chiropractor who sees multiple patients a day to generalize symptoms and begin to lump your experiences in with other patients who had similar issues.  While looking for similarities between patients can be helpful, your chiropractor should be sure that he or she has a solid understanding of your unique situation before making recommendations.

3. Engages You in Conversation In order to really understand what you’re saying, it’s important for your chiropractor to engage you in conversation.  Some chiropractors may repeat back what you’ve said so that you can confirm whether or not what they’ve heard is correct.  Others will ask follow-up questions or inquire about what your symptoms are like during particular physical activities.  No matter which path your doctor takes, be sure to find a chiropractor in Little Falls, MN who is happy to talk with you until he or she understands what you’re experiencing.

4. Explains Your Condition Thoroughly After your chiropractor has listened to your symptoms and reviewed your experience with you, he or she should explain the possible causes of your pain and potential treatment options with you thoroughly.  Some chiropractors use lots of medical jargon to describe what’s going on with their patients, and this can be confusing for people who don’t have professional training or a full understanding of how their bodies work.  Find a Little Falls, MN chiropractor who will take the time to explain your condition and the treatment options available to you in language that you can understand.  With a trustworthy chiropractor who puts your needs and comfort first, you’ll be on your way to improved quality of life in no time.


“Dr. D’s” motto as a compassionate and caring chiropractor has always been:  “Optimal Health Through Balanced Living”.  She helps her patients figure out what changes they may need to make to attain a healthy, happy life.  Give her a call at 320-632-6757 to schedule your appointment today!

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