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Should You See a Chiropractor for Back Pain?

Back pain can be debilitating, making even simple everyday activities like walking uncomfortable and preventing you entirely from enjoying active exercise like biking, tennis, or golf.  Additionally, because back pain is sometimes hard to diagnose and difficult to treat, many healthcare professionals will suggest pain pills or physical therapy to relieve your discomfort.  While these treatments certainly work for some patients, many people benefit most from seeing a chiropractor for back pain.

Chiropractic treatment is probably most often recommended to patients with back pain, and licensed, experienced chiropractors have seen all sorts of patients with varying symptoms and degrees of pain throughout their careers.  To determine whether or not a chiropractor may be able to treat your back pain, you should ask your regular physician or schedule an assessment examination with a chiropractor.

During your chiropractic examination, a chiropractor will review your medical history and perform a physical check to see what condition your back is in and to become familiar with your symptoms.  In some cases, your chiropractor may request diagnostic imaging or lab tests to figure out what type of treatment is best for your back.

If your chiropractor chooses to proceed with a manual adjustment treatment plan, he or she will manipulate your joints using controlled, quick force to restore mobility to the affected or injured areas.  Chiropractic treatment is intended to restore function to your body, to relieve your pain, and to prevent future injury to your back.  Your chiropractor might also recommend additional treatment, an exercise program, or even nutritional counseling to promote improved quality of life.

When performed by a licensed, trained, and professional doctor, chiropractic treatment is generally considered to be very safe for patients and especially effective in treating back pain.  If you’ve suffered an injury to your back in your personal life or at work—or if another illness or physical ailment has brought on chronic pain—a chiropractor may be able to help alleviate your back pain.

Of course, before you see a chiropractor for back pain, it’s important to make sure that he or she is able to accurately diagnosis the source of your discomfort.  Be sure that your chiropractor has full access to all of your medical history by choosing a doctor who is comfortable working with other healthcare professionals in order to provide you with the best care possible.  If you have any ongoing medical conditions or if you are currently taking medication for any reason, you should inform your chiropractor before starting treatment.

It’s also helpful to tell your chiropractor about your lifestyle and overall levels of activity.  Some types of back pain can be further exacerbated by particular types of movement, and your chiropractor may be able to recommend alternative approaches or new activities that will help you avoid pain and prevent further injury.  It’s also important to let your chiropractor know about your typical activities because the tissues in your body need some healing time after chiropractic treatment.  With that knowledge in mind, your chiropractor can be sure to recommend safe activities and healing regimens so that you don’t inadvertently make your back pain any worse.

Dr. DeAnn Adams is licensed to practice in Minnesota by the MBCE and received her chiropractic credentials in 1998.  She has a Doctorate of Chiropractic Training in Diversified Chiropractic Technique from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN.  Dr. D. is certified to treat patients in pain management, CranioSacral Therapy, acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, and the Somato Emotional Release Technique.

When you choose Dr. D., you can feel confident in your decision to work with a certified, trained, and dedicated doctor who cares about improving your quality of life.  Dr. D. promotes “optimal health through balanced living,” and is committed to increasing function and relieving pain in all of her patients.  Contact her today at 320-632-6757 or email to learn more about the chiropractic care she can provide you.

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