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Chiropractic as we know it begin in 1898 under the development of D. D. Palmer. The Diversified Technique adjusts the vertebral subluxation complexes (VSC) (problems caused by restriction between vertebral joints and their ligaments, blood and lymphatic vessels and other associated tissues) of the spine and pelvis to directly affect skeletal joints, nerves and muscle function, while indirectly affecting visceral or organ function of the body. Diversified Doctors of Chiropractic are also trained how to adjust extraspinal joints of the limbs, temporomandibular joint (TMJ or jaw) and ribs.


Applied Kinesiology is an evaluation tool developed by Dr. Goodhart that considers the structural, chemical and mental aspects of the body via manual muscle testing along with other traditional diagnostic tools to help determine the health of the body and its systems, as well as, determining some of the corrective care. Dr. Adams attained her 100 hours certificate of completion in 1998 through the International Certified Applied Kinesiology (ICAK – USA) program while Dr. Yorek completed her certification in 2010.


Acupuncture applies needles to points along the meridians of Qi flowing throughout the body in order to optimize and balance that flow thus affecting the balance and health of the body. Dr. Adams’ training for pain management and preparation for the chiropractic adjustment was studied at Northwestern Chiropractic College and she became certified for that in 1998. She is registered with the MBCE and may use acupuncture on humans only.


doTERRA Essential Oils are one of the many options nature has provided us to enrich our lives. Therapeutically for specific health issues, in massage to help relieve stress, in our homes to enhance the air we breathe, and as aromatherapy in personal care items, or for sheer enjoyment. DoTerra and its registered CPTG mark represents their guarantee of 100% pure essential oil extracts that meet high standards for both purity and material composition and accurate product labeling.


CranioSacral Therapy is an osteopathic technique developed by Dr. Upledger that assesses the dural components of the cranial and spinal cavity (protective layers of the brain and spinal cord) and corrects any dysfunction detected in order to optimize central nervous system function. Dr. Dee studied and attained her certificates in CranioSacral Therapy (CST) Levels I & II, as well as SomatoEmotional Release Technique Levels I & II (addresses physical body complaints that arise from emotional distress) training.

Optimal Health Through Balanced Living

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