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Overcoming the Pain: How “Dr. D.” Helped One Patient Regain His Active Lifestyle

Frank Huben

When Frank Huben started seeing Dr. DeAnn Adams, DC in November 2012, he was suffering from a wide range of symptoms that caused pain throughout his entire body. “I had migraine headaches, blurred vision, and I was starting to lose my balance getting up in the night or sitting in a chair and standing up,” Frank said.  “I had a severe limp because of a broken ankle.  My right knee was all messed up, and my right hip.  I was getting muscle spasms in my back and in my right shoulder.”

Unfortunately, Frank’s physical ailments also kept him from doing the things he loved most. Once an avid bike rider and fisherman, Frank was now unable to maintain the same level of activity he had once enjoyed without experiencing great pain.

“I’m a fishing guy,” Frank said.  “To sit in my boat for four hours taking people out fishing, I couldn’t do that because the shooting pain down my leg would drive me nuts.  So I ended up taking a lot of pills and trying to soothe the pain over.  It got to the point once I broke my ankle that I lost most of my business that I had.”

Though he had seen several chiropractors in the 1970s for problems he had with his back, Frank had most recently seen doctors at a local orthopedic clinic and at the VA hospital. However, these professionals were prepared to solve his pain with surgery—a potential solution that Frank hoped to avoid.

Instead of taking the risky path of surgery, Frank decided to visit another chiropractor.  After his first visit with Dr. D., he was amazed by the difference she was able to make right away.

During Frank’s first session, Dr. D. worked on him for about an hour and 20 minutes.  In that time, she was able to get rid of his blurred vision and the muscle spasms in his back.  After a few more weeks of chiropractic appointments, Frank also started to see improvements in the rest of his body.  Though he had suffered through his limp for eight or nine months since he was attacked by three dogs in early 2012, his limp disappeared entirely after three or four visits to Dr. D.

“I’m able to go out now and sit without any problem in my boat and probably spend a whole day out fishing if I had the mind to,” Frank said.  “But my heart’s in biking right now.”

Though Frank was unable to bike long distances before he started seeing Dr. D., he says that she got him riding his bike again.

“When I was riding, I would get pinched nerves in my feet that would limit my riding to 40 or 50 miles on an outing,” he said.  “She worked on my feet and knees and got the nerve endings cleared…and I can go out and do 100, 150 miles no problem after she got me straightened up.”

Frank says that he now sees Dr. D. once each month for a tune-up.  He’s also referred several people to the chiropractor who helped him regain his active lifestyle, telling them, “If you don’t go, she can’t help you.”

“[Dr. D.’s] got a knack for this that nobody else does,” Frank said.  “She’s a godsend in my life.”

“I have read this article and give my permission to publish/post this article as is.” Frank Huben, 01-16-2014

“I’m just sorry I couldn’t better communicate all the pain and suffering I was actually going through at the time. And how efficiently you (Dr. D.) were able to eliminate that pain in multiple areas, my limp, correct my poor posture and migraine headaches when I was looking at two possible surgeries.

The fact that you were able to keep me painless and active in 2013 with just minor “Tune Ups”” every four to six weeks. But at 68 years young I tend to become forgetful with all my life experiences, but not those that help me out and make my life easier.

“Forever Grateful” to you for giving me the opportunity to create more life experiences now in 2014!!” -Frank Huben

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