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Dog Chiropractic Services Little Falls MN

When Your Pet Needs Dog Chiropractic Services

They say that dog is man’s best friend—but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily always know what’s on your pet’s mind. Your dog has many ways of communicating with you, but he or she might not be able to let you know when there’s a severe problem going on. In these instances, it’s up to you to monitor your pet’s behavior closely. If you don’t take notice when your dog’s actions and habits change, no one else will. Fortunately, you can get the help he or she needs by paying attention and looking for signs of poor health.

If your dog begins to exhibit any of the following behaviors, you might need to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor to look for subluxated joints (which are restricted in their range of motion). Though most people believe chiropractic care is only for humans, a professionally-trained dog chiropractor in Little Falls, MN can adjust your pet’s subluxated joints through natural, drug-free procedures.

It’s important to note that these symptoms could indicate a number of other conditions. However, your dog may be suffering from a subluxated joint if he or she exhibits several of these signs and symptoms for an extended period of time.

Your dog appears pained whenever you try to pet him—and struggles if you attempt to move or lift him to a new position.After lying down for awhile, she struggles to get up and takes longer than normal to return to a standing position.He seems to have trouble climbing stairs and jumping. He is reluctant to move quickly or to engage in activities that require a measure of agility.Your dog has changed her eating habits and needs to go outside either more or less frequently.When resting or sleeping, he lies on one side—and always favors the same side.She is always licking her paws or chewing on them.His attitude or behavior has taken a negative turn recently. He barks at inappropriate times, breaks house rules, or appears angry. You’ve noticed a change in your dog’s gait. She is walking with a limp or moving so as to avoid pressure on one leg.

Chiropractors for dogs are trained to work with animals who have very different bodies and needs than their human owners. When animals develop subluxated joints, they typically become less flexible and often experience feelings of soreness and stiffness. They may also experience severe levels of pain, and the flow of neuronal information around their spinal cords may decrease.

The doctor offering dog chiropractic services in Little Falls, MN will make careful adjustments to your pet’s spine, joints, and spinal motor units in order to restore them to their normal level of functioning. Though your pet may be nervous to see a new doctor initially, he or she will become accustomed to the procedures quickly—and many dogs learn to appreciate the healing process. Chiropractic services for dogs are one of the best ways to improve your pet’s quality of life and to promote his or her long-term health.

~~ Dr. DeAnn Adams, DC, offers animal chiropractic services for horses, cats and dogs. Her service area includes but is not limited to the communities of Little Falls, Saint Cloud, Brainerd, Long Prairie, Onamia and the areas between and surrounding them.  You may contact “Dr. D” at 320-632-6757 or via email.

Please note that animal chiropractic care requires a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine referral, which you can find on our Services for Animals page.

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