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See a Pet Chiropractor Who Cares for Your Pet’s Well-Being

If you want a pet chiropractor who will really listen to you and show exceptional care for your beloved animal, consider Dr. DeAnn Adams of Paradox Chiropractic.  Dr. D. is well known for treating all of her animal patients with the utmost care and concern.  She will listen carefully to your explanation of your pet’s symptoms, provide a thorough examination, and recommend the best treatment options.

Check out the top four benefits you’ll enjoy when you take your pet to see Dr. D.:

1.  Full Attention and Plenty of Time Dr. D. gives her full attention to each of her animal patients and will never rush you through an appointment. To provide effective animal chiropractic care, a pet chiropractor must thoroughly understand what your pet is going through. Dr. D. will request your pet’s medical history and ask for you to explain all of his or her symptoms.  After getting to know your pet better, Dr. D. can then confidently make a chiropractic diagnosis and recommend an effective treatment option.

2. Tips and Treatment Recommendations Working as a pet chiropractor requires an extra level of understanding since our animals can’t communicate with us!  Fortunately, Dr. D. is very experienced with pets and can help you look for signs and symptoms that your dog, cat, or horse may need chiropractic care.  Certain animal behaviors—as well as a sudden change in your pet’s personality, standard movement or lifestyle habits—could indicate chronic pain or an injury that is causing discomfort.  Dr. D. will help you identify these behaviors and find a way to alleviate your pet’s pain by correcting any associated chiropractic concern and by continued collaboration with the referring veterinarian.

3. Cooperation with Your Veterinarian Many veterinarians refer their patients to Dr. D. because they know she will cooperate fully with their directives.  Chiropractic care for animals is typically only one part of a full treatment plan that is intended to improve your pet’s health or quality of life.  It’s important for your pet chiropractor and veterinarian to work closely together in order to provide the best treatment for your animal.  Dr. D. already has established working relationships with veterinarians in Little Falls, MN, so she can work together with your pet’s regular doctor to find the best chiropractic solution.

4. Commitment and Care If you’ve ever seen a doctor who was disinterested or in a hurry, you know how frustrating it can be to receive poor treatment.  Dr. D. cares deeply for all of her patients, both animal and human, and is committed to alleviating their pain and restoring their full quality of life.  When your pet gets to see Dr. D., she will provide a thorough, comprehensive examination and then explain your pet’s condition and treatment options to you in clear language you can understand.

Are you ready to see a pet chiropractor who will help you help your pet?  Contact “Dr. D” at Paradox Chiropractic.  To set up your pet’s chiropractic examination, call her at 320-632-6757 or email  Dr. D. is licensed by the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners (MBCE) and received her Animal Chiropractic Certificate from Options for Animals College in Wellsville, KS and further certified with the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA).

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