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How to Determine When Your Cat Needs Chiropractic Services

Chiropractors perform natural, drug-free procedures to adjust subluxated joints, or joints that no longer move properly. However, chiropractic care isn’t just for humans. Your pets can also benefit from the services of a trained, professional chiropractor.

As a responsible pet owner, you’re closely attuned to your cat’s behavior and needs. However, there may be some signs and symptoms that you don’t recognize or know to notice—and your cat may have no way of communicating them to you if you aren’t observant. It’s important to carefully monitor your cat’s behavior and habits so that you can tell when problems arise or when changes occur. The following situations could indicate that it’s time to take your beloved pet to a chiropractor for cats.

Your Cat Appears to Be in Pain

Many cats spend their days lying or resting in the same places—which can make it tough for their owners to tell when they are suffering from pain or having trouble moving. A cat who limps or makes noises when getting up or down may be experiencing pain. Cats who sit on one side, favor particular legs, or have trouble bending down to clean themselves could also be sore or suffering from localized pain. If you think your pet may be in pain, you should consider taking him or her to visit a professional cat chiropractic service in Little Falls, MN.

Your Cat is Getting Older

When animals begin to get older, their joints start to deteriorate naturally. As their joints weaken, they may become sore and stiff—limiting their mobility and preventing them from living normal, self-sufficient lifestyles. As your cat ages, regular visits to the chiropractor can improve mobility and prevent future problems. Degenerating or dysfunctioning joints can also indicate arthritis. However, joints that are correctly aligned and moving properly are less likely to form arthritic growths because joint movement helps to maintain healthy function of the joint.

Your Cat Suffers from Another Disease, Condition, or Special Case

In some cases, chiropractic services for cats can be beneficial for a number of conditions such as incontinence, behavior problems, gastrointestinal dysfunction, skin irritations, and even ear infections. Because many of these conditions are related to abnormal functioning in the nerves, a chiropractor will focus on what may correct the root causes of the condition. Chiropractic services aren’t just a great way to relieve your cat’s pain and improve his or her mobility. They can also improve your cat’s overall health and promote a better quality of life.

A cat chiropractor in Little Falls, MN can work to restore your cat’s spinal motor units, spine, and joints to their normal capabilities. Animals who suffer from subluxations and joint pain generally lose some of their flexibility and may feel more stiff and sore. Problems with spinal alignment can also cause pain and affect the flow of neuronal information to areas surrounding the spinal cord. Chiropractic services for cats address these problems and help your beloved pet achieve greater health and well-being.

-- Dr. DeAnn Adams, DC, offers animal chiropractic services for horses, cats and dogs. Her service area includes but is not limited to the communities of Little Falls, Saint Cloud, Brainerd, Long Prairie, Onamia and the areas between and surrounding them.  You may contact “Dr. D” at 320-632-6757 or via email.

Please note that animal chiropractic care requires a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine referral, which you can find on our Services for Animals page.

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