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We want to ensure the safety and health of our patients, so we ask before calling to consider the following.

  1. Has anyone in your family had a fever, or has had one in the last two weeks. The incubation period can be as long as 14 days.

  2. Have you or family members had any symptoms of a cold or flu? Symptoms include fever, tiredness and a cough that isn’t necessarily productive. They may also have or have had aches and pains, runny nose or nasal congestion, and vomiting or diarrhea.

  3. Have you traveled abroad in the last two weeks? Have you been near anyone who has potentially had the virus through your own family or work contact? People can be contagious without symptoms.


Due to COVID-19 we will continue to monitor the situation, and take all mandated sanitation/health precautions necessary to ensure the health and safety of our patients during this time. 



Paradox Chiropractic provides practical chiropractic care to patients. We accomplish this by providing thorough preventative and routine maintenance chiropractic treatment of both the spine and extra-spine (both upper and lower extremities) to assure complete skeletal balance for people, as well as for horses, dogs, cats, dairy goats, sheep, show cattle, pet rabbits, guinea pigs and more!

Diversified Chiropractic Technique

Animal Chiropractic

Mobile or Little Falls Area Barn Location (available upon animal’s appointment scheduling)



Diversified Chiropractic Technique


Applied Kinesiology

CranioSacral Therapy



"Dr. Dee is awesome with the horses she has worked on for me. She is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares for them and their well-being. She’s very good at reading what each needs in terms of their background, personalities, etc. which makes it a great experience for the horse! I highly recommend her!"


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