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We do not believe chiropractic care is needed twice a week for the rest of a living creature’s life; rather we see that as a marketing ploy that drives up the expense of your healthcare. On the contrary, if we do not see obvious improvement within three visits, we often refer our patients to other sources. Referrals are either for diagnostic tests or to other healthcare disciplines or specialists. We make referrals because we believe our total body approach and our willingness to coordinate care with other healthcare disciplines – or specialists – may increase the odds of our patient returning to their activities of daily life in a shorter time frame. We further believe that the body, mind and spirit must all be balanced to attain optimal health, which is why we embrace cooperative efforts with other healthcare disciplines or specialists.

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We do not accept medical insurance. This is so we can use our training and experience to provide you with what we believe will help you obtain optimal health and wellness as quickly as possible. We do not ever bow to the limitations of care set by many of the insurance provider’s policies. In other words, your care is always central to the services you receive.


Our chiropractic care could include one or a combination of the following supportive techniques listed below. These techniques may be used as adjunctive/supportive tools simply because they are affordable, efficient and effective tools that may quicken a patient’s return to the activities they love, as well as, routine activities of daily life.

  • Myofascial work (muscle, ligament or tendon work)

  • Acupuncture

  • Applied Kinesiology

  • CranioSacral Therapy,

  • Nutrition, exercise or other lifestyle recommendations

Often imitated, never replicated.

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